Are you born to run? How healthy can you be? What do you know about orgasms? Watch some of the world's most inspiring speakers and find out.


Teach Every Child About Food (Jamie Oliver)

How many TED talks have you seen that end with a standing ovation? Jamie Oliver starts by pointing out a member of the audience and tells them they’re statistically killing their children, and things get more confronting from there. While at times rendered incomprehensible through rage, Oliver explains why educating children about food is absolutely necessary.



Why I’m a Weekday Vegetarian (Graham Hill)

Vegetarianism makes a lot of moral, financial and environmental sense. But, well, imagine your last ever hamburger…? Perhaps we’re looking at it the wrong way, and that by significantly cutting down our meat intake, we can reap the rewards without having to go full veg. 



How Healthy Living Nearly Killed Me (A.J. Jacobs)

A very amusing perspective on navigating the myriad of health advice that we ingest in our everyday life, and what the results of doing everything we’re told would be. 



Are We Born to Run? (Christopher McDougall)

Perhaps the negatives we associate with running - pain, injury and punishment - come from our approach to running, not running itself. Are you born to run? The answer might surprise you.



The Surprising Science of Happiness (Dan Gilbert)

How much money would need to win to be happy in 12 months? Perhaps we should ask how much money you would need to lose? Happiness just ain’t what it used to be. (This talk gets the award for the most retro slides.)



Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are (Amy Cuddy)

‘Power posing’, even for just a couple of minutes, can make meaningful changes to your life. No, really. Our bodies change our minds, our minds change our behaviour, and our behaviour changes outcomes. End result: Fake it till you make it!



The Difference Between Winning and Success (John Wooden)

Strap yourself in for a fast paced, classic (old) TED talk. Is winning the final scoreline, or the final value, or even the final weight on the scale? Perhaps the journey and doing the best you can despite (and in spite of) others.



The Power of Time Off (Stefan Sagmeister)

Ingrained in our understanding of life is the general order of things: school, job, retire. What happens if we spend a little bit of that retirement while we’re working? Or, in other words, take a sabbatical? Along with some amusing and intriguing anecdotes about design, the benefits of taking time off are explored.



Try Something New for 30 Days (Matt Cutts)

What’s that one thing you’ve always wanted to try? You know, the one sitting in the back of your mind, maybe back there with several other things you’ve always want to try? Maybe 30 days is all it takes for it to go from something you’ve always wanted to do, to something you’ve done.



The Power of Vulnerability (Brené Brown)

Vulnerability, particularly emotional vulnerability, is described here as more than just powerful and good for us, but intrinsic to our ability to connect with others, and to fully experience our emotions, good or bad. Allowing ourselves to be more open will bring us together, and this talk tells you why.



The Happy Secret to Better Work (Shawn Achor)

At breakneck speed, the extremely positive effects of happiness on our ability to succeed are outlined humorously and thoroughly. Yes, you read that right: happiness before success, not the other way around.



10 Things You Didn’t Know About Orgasm (Mary Roach)

Yes, a bit of cheeky one to finish. This one isn’t really safe for work; the phrases “Semen connoisseur” and “up-suck sceptic” are mentioned, and there is an (apparently) intimate moment between farmer and pig (as outlined by the Danish National Committee for Pig Production), so maybe check this one out once everyone else has gone to lunch.


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