Motivation is the desire to do something and act on it, and is as necessary to our goals in the way that fuel is necessary for the function of our cars: one cannot be efficient without the other. 

If you’re not the type of person who gets excited about exercise, and let's admit it, the ones that do are a rare breed; you’ll be forgiven for not wanting to sprint around the block 12 times at 5am every morning.  

However, one would find it difficult to argue that exercise doesn’t have abundant benefits for both the mind and body. So how can we increase motivation to get moving?

Buddy up

Find a friend to train with and commit to a training schedule together. That way, if you don’t make it to a scheduled session because your sleep-ridden self refuses to get out of bed, you’ll be letting your friend down too - so make a commitment to each other to stay motivated.

Keep things scenic

The less bored we are with our exercise regime, the more likely we’ll stay motivated. Changing scenery can take your mind off the repetition of treadmills and stationary bikes, and contribute to greater feelings of being revitalised: a study by Pensinsula College of Medicine in the UK found that those who exercised outside reported greater enjoyment and satisfaction with outdoor activity, than those who exercised in gyms. 

Find the best time for you

There are no set rules for when you have to train, so find a time that suits your schedule. It may be mid-morning after the school drop off, escaping the office at lunchtime, or post-dinner when the tribe is fed. Everyone is different and if the timing is wrong, we just end up resenting our training schedules and making up excuses.  

Keep your eyes on the prize

Don’t forget why you started in the first place. Set, write down and then focus on your health and fitness goals as motivation to keep moving. Will goals progress by hiding away from exercise? (The answer is probably not). If we stay motivated, we continue to put the effort in and consequently see results. 


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