A crazy deadline looms. Your kids are tipping Lego all over the newly-cleaned floor (and you just stood on a piece). Your partner pesters “What’s for dinner what’s for dinner what’s for dinner?”. You are in the process of pulling out every piece of hair on your head and your internal voice screams “Waaaaaah, I need some time for ME!”. 

Relax! We’re here to help. Here are our top tips to help you find time to chill out, unwind and recharge:

  • Take a few deep breaths. This is an easy one you can do as soon as you wake up, at your desk, or while you’re on your way to work. Spend a few moments focusing on your breathe – try not to let your mind wander and try to stay in the moment.
  • Prioritize. Put yourself first and make some decisions about what your priorities are.  Remember that you can say ‘no’ to others in order to make some time for yourself.
  • Make a date with yourself. Open your Outlook calendar or your diary and enter a recurring meeting, just for you. This could be a solo movie date, yoga class or piano lesson. It’s important to give yourself something to look forward to each week (that’s yours and yours alone).
  • Walk. Stop eating lunch at your desk and use your lunch break to go for a stroll on your own. Find a nice park, get some fresh air, have a solo picnic and relax.
  • Switch off. That’s ALL your electronic devices: phone, laptop, iPad. There is no point scheduling ‘me-time’ if you’re distracted by emails and phone calls. Dedicate at least 30 minutes to this switch off time and use it to have a bath, read a book or meditate.
  • Enlist help from others. If you need a night off from your kids, ask your parents or friend to help out (but remember to return the favour when they need some of that precious ‘me-time’).

Try to give yourself some time each day to do what YOU love doing – even 5 minutes enjoying a quiet cup of tea or reading an article in the paper is enough to recharge your batteries. 

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