You might’ve pandered, zumbaed, sashayed, weightlifted or prancersised your way through the start of the year, feeling elevated off the hazes of your over-the-top New Year’s Resolutions.

Yet now some time later, you’re feeling the pangs of exercise shame and participating in more couch potato-ness than Homer Simpson. D’oh! 

Homer's favourite exercise is eating - not always recommended. Image: reocities

It’s a simple equation that most of us still can’t grasp, (or can grasp but can’t be bothered actioning - because laziness). To burn calories, we need to expend more energy, and to expend energy, we need to move. That’s not too ground-breaking, is it? It takes a special person to really enjoy working out every single time, so to relieve your workout guilt here are ten ways you can incidentally exercise without even noticing:


Take the stairs

At every opportunity, take the stairs over the lift or escalator. Next time you’re at the train station, a shopping mall, a friend’s apartment block or work, choose the stairs to get to your destination. You’ll be using big muscle groups of the lower body, which burn a higher amount of calories. 


Walk to the shops

If you need to pick up a few groceries and your local store or supermarket is less than 30 minutes away, ditch the car and walk or cycle. The additional bags that you carry home will add to the energy burned.

When you get halfway home and the shopping bag splits in two. Gif via popsugar


Use the printer at the other side of the office

If you work in a large office space or an office that has more than one level, each time you print out a document, send it to the printer furthest away from you. This way you’ll have to get out of your seat and move that little bit further each time to pick up your work. 


Wash your car by hand

Instead of dropping your car off to be washed, wash it yourself at a car wash or home. To get your car shining will involve big vigorous movements. Not only will your car look great, your waistline will thank you for it too.


Go dancing

Whether it’s a group of friends on a Saturday night, with your family at a wedding or a casual dance class; give it a go. Let your inhibitions go and have a good time. The longer and more intensely you dance, the more calories you burn!


Get off the bus early

If you catch the bus or train to work, jump off one or two stops earlier than your local stop and walk the rest of the way. Not only will this help you wind down after a long day at work, it will also help you add some extra steps in your day.

Everyone has different reasons for exercising. Gif via popsugar


Stand on the train

Instead of snaring a seat on your morning commute: stand up. You’ll find yourself switching on your stabiliser and core muscles to remain balanced while the vehicle is moving; so energy is incidentally expended.


Walk the dog the long way

When was the last time your furry friend was treated to different route on their walk? Make the commitment per week to walk the long way around the park, or add an extra 30 minutes to the event. Your pooch will love you for it and you’ll burn more calories than your body is used to. 

Rebel Wilson only partakes in incidental exercise. Via mediagify 


How mobile is your phone?

Mobile phones are called ‘mobile’ for a reason: you don’t have to be sitting down in one place to use them! Next time you’re on a lengthy phone call, instead of sitting at your desk or lying on the couch, get up and move around: pacing like a maniac is better than being static.


Become Cinderella

Doing the housework uses up more calories than you might think. Dusting, vacuuming and mopping all involve big movements, which expend energy. Next time you do the house work, crank up some music and get a little vigorous with it to burn some additional calories.

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